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Ashland WI 54806





Jarrod Dahl/Woodspirit Handcraft in Ashland, Wisconsin is looking for an apprentice for late fall 2018/early winter 2019.  Experience with woodworking and carving with knife and axe is required. Apprentices will receive a small weekly stipend, work 8 hours a day, 3-4 days per week and receive training by assisting in the production of wooden spoons, turning wooden bowls on a pole and electric lathe, designing, forging, and maintaining tools, cleaning the shop space, preparing and handling raw materials, finishing products-oiling, painting, etc, packing and shipping, product photography, website/social media maintenance, and other tasks relating to a greenwood craft business. 1-2 days a week the workshop is available for personal craft work. Shop shuts down over holidays and weekends.

Next steps:

Candidates will be chosen for a two-day in-person interview that consists of a day of private instruction with Jarrod, followed by a second volunteer work day of basic tasks to assess competence. Jarrod charges a daily rate for private instruction.

Additional requirements:

Must be able to follow instructions, receive and incorporate feedback

Must provide their own housing

Must have proof of general liability and personal insurance

Must provide their own tools: carving axe, slojd knife, draw knife, hook knife, sharpening equipment

Must be able to do woodworking 3-4 days a week for 8 hours a day, have good hand-eye coordination and lift up to 50lbs

The ideal candidate:

Is willing to start with the most basic tasks and slowly work up to more specialized duties

Can handle a lot of repetition

Has physical and mental dexterity

Is willing to be the low man on the totem pole, is patient, humble and respectful

Is able to honestly self-reflect in regards to their work and does not have a sensitive ego

Is someone who is toying with the idea of going full-time

Is willing to learn about the business side of craft work

Is willing to participate/be actively engaged in technology-website/social media

Likes/can tolerate Jarrod’s music

Please submit your resume of relevant experience, 3 references, and 5 HD photos of your work  to

Only relevant candidates will be contacted.